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Below are a few recommended resources to help you grow as a home church leader. These resources provide excellent insight into the building, leading, and growing of a home church.

"The Call to Discipleship", by Juan Carlos Ortiz

A study on Digital Decisions for Christ and the Importance of in-person Discipleship


In the video below, Dr. Christopher Anderson shares five basic steps to help you start a home church. If you're a new home church leader in the process of getting started, this instructional video will get you on the way. Contact us if you need any additional help launching your ministry, and we will be glad to take the journey with you. 


Individualized training is offered to all members of the Home Church Initiative. Training is tailored to each individual's circumstances. Each of us face different challenges based on ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, resources available, and religious contexts, to name a few. We tailor a training program that helps a home church leader plant a biblical church that cultivates biblical discipleship in any environment. If you're interested in having a training program developed to help you in your home church ministry? Join the network today and lets get started. 

Have you ever wanted to learn about biblical eschatology but you find there are far too many

varying opinions, and many seem far off from Scripture? We understand how you feel. As a result, Pastor Christopher Mantei, author of "Flee to the Mountains" has put together a training series called the End Times for Beginners. This training course is a foundational course recommended for all of our home church network members. 

Project 2 x 2

Be a Part of Project 2 x 2

         Jesus sent His disciples out in groups of two to preach the Gospel and perform miracles. This is a two-fold mission with two people doing two things. In our networked home ministry teams, we want to apply the same two by two principle to community outreach. No matter how big or small the group, we seek to impact every community with the Gospel and prayer. We follow Jesus' example found in Mark 6:7-13, Matthew 10:1-15, and Luke 9:1-6 to guide our outreach theology. 

           Each group is encouraged to begin in the fellowship's neighborhood, followed by adjoining neighborhoods and expanding to the nearest city. Though fellowship growth is the intended byproduct of this project, the focus is to share the love of God in Jesus to those who are hurting with no strings attached. No financial or membership benefit will be sought, and no obligation from someone receiving prayer will be requested. This is an act of selfless love in obedience to the command to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, and make disciples. Each month, a home church fellowship should dedicate 2 hours on a Saturday, sending groups of 2 into their community to share the Gospel, pray for those in need, and meet any needs they find. Will you consider Project 2 X 2 for your home ministry? 

            Please let us know if you would like more information on Project 2 x 2, or how to become involved with the Home Church Initiative. God has called us to action. What will you do? 


Are you launching a new ministry but want help developing what the ministry will look like? Do you have a ton of vision but are struggling to develop a strategic plan to get the ministry off the ground? Perhaps you have an existing ministry or parachurch ministry struggling to stay alive. We are here to help!

We want to help you by partnering with you to develop a ministry development plan for a new ministry launch or a strategic ministry plan for stagnating or declining ministries. This service is free for those within the Home Church Initiative network. Ministries outside of the network can still take advantage of this offering. Send us a message, and we will be in touch to schedule a consultation in 2023.  

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Vidor, TX

Colorado Springs, CO

Woodruff, SC

Meridian, MS

Alexandria, LA

Tulsa, OK

Cocoa, FL

Tekonsha, MI

Escondido, CA

Davie, FL (Spanish)

Douglasville, GA


Skane, Sweden

Newfoundland, Canada

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Centurion, South Africa

Dioromo, Nicaragua

Auckland, New Zealand


THe Walking Revival Show.png

"The Walking Revival Show"

The Walking Revival Show is now LIVE! Click the link below to listen to our first episode titled "Biblical Church: Introducing the Church to Post-Christian America." The Walking Revival Show is a great teaching tool for our home church leaders and an encouragement for all. 

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