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Ten Prayer Points for Revival in the House Church Networks

1). Ask God to bring deep conviction of sin, spiritual brokenness, holy reverential respect of God, and genuine repentance among the house church network (2 Cor. 7:10).

2). Pray for deep cleansing, genuine repentance, and spiritual power to engulf pastors, leaders, and ministry teams throughout the house church network (Eph. 6:14-20).

3). Pray for God to bestow spiritual hunger in His people and draw them to fervent intercessory prayer for revival, spiritual awakening, and restoration in our churches and communities (Phil. 2:13).

4). Pray that God will bring loving unity to the house church network community and deep harmony between its members (John 13:35).

5). Pray for God to fill His people with a passion for seeing people saved (Rom. 9:1-3).

6). Pray for God to give His people a passion for missions and start additional home churches (Matt. 28:19).

7). Pray that God will call thousands into ministry, missions, and Christian service (Matt. 9:37).

8). Pray that God will pour out His Spirit like a mighty purifying flood (James 4:2).

9). Pray for a mighty move of conviction and salvation upon communities of cultural influence (1 Tim. 2:1-2).

10). Pray for God to pour out His Spirit in a fashion even greater than He did in America in 1906 (The Azusa Street Revival) and Wales in 1904 (10% of the Welsh population was saved in five months in the Welsh Revival) (Mark 11:22-24, John 14:13-14).

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