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Welcome to the Home Church Initiative

"We bring REVIVAL to the Body of Christ through encouraging a First Century model of discipleship in a home setting."

Our Vision is to establish a home church in every state and nation by November 2029. 


The Home Church Initiative's mission is to connect home church leaders worldwide through providing a biblically sound leadership network. Within the network, we will provide resources on home church growth, training sessions and materials to develop a leader's calling, and cultivate a community of people hungry for God's presence through mentorship, prayer, and spiritual development.

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About the Home Church Initiative

The Home Church Initiative is a ministry of End Time Church, providing resources, training, biblical headship, and networking to home church leaders worldwide. Are you a home church leader? Join the network today!

Resources and Training

Home church leaders often express their desire for training and resources to help them grow in their ministry. Others struggle with feeling isolated. We are here to help! We offer a unique ministry development plan for all of our network members at no cost! Click below to learn more. 

Find a Home Church

Are you looking to attend a home church? We can help connect you to a home church near you. If one is not available in your area, consider starting one. We can help equip you to lead a home church. Find out more about how the Home Church Initiative can help.

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Project 2 x 2

What is Project 2x2?

Project 2x2 is a community outreach concept for our home church groups based on Mark 6:7-13. In this passage, Jesus sends out His disciples in groups of 2 for the purpose of preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons. Taking our cue from Jesus, we encourage Christians in every community to go into their cities in groups of 2 to preach the Gospel and pray for others. 

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Our Most Recent Blog

Blog posts are a great way for us to connect with our site members. Each blog post presents a biblical approach to Christian living, home church ministry, and Christian leadership. Our blogs are written by multiple authors who would love to hear from you. By becoming a site member, you can share your thoughts on each blog. 

Join Our Growing Network of Home Church Leaders

Are you ready to take the next step and join our growing worldwide network of current or potential home church leaders? Perhaps you would like to financially support the mission of the Home Church Initiative. We would like to connect with you.

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